Care Providers for the Elderly People / Citizens with Health Issues

These are all in Bangalore – though some have branches in other cities too. Please send across others you are aware of. (If you don’t know me, please add them as a comment under this post). Not providing direct links as Blogger blocks posts with too many links. 

Many of these will have in-patient facilities + rehabilitation (for stroke and other issues), dementia care, home care, or attenders to stay in the hospital with the patient. Some have palliative care too. and companion services. Please check all sites for the variety of offerings they have – though I may have classified them under a particular section. Too many services to list here, plus new services are being added. 

Residential Facilities & Rehabilitation

  • Kites Senior Care:

  • Sukino Rehabilitation: 

  • Sakra Rehabilitation:

  • Nightingales Elder Care: (residential Dementia care facilities)

  • HCAH Nightingales:

  • Nikisa Dementia Village:

  • Arogyadhama:

  • Kshema Hospice & Rehabilitation:

  • Nisarga Care:

Dialysis at Home
  • Nephroplus:

Hospital Attender Services
  • Athulya Home Care Services:  You can choose between 12 hour or 24 hour care services – the attender will come stay in the room with the patient so you can go home.

  • Portea:

Home Health Care
  • Prakruti Home Health Care: 

  • Apollo Home Care:

  • Portea:

  • Sukino:

Companion Services
  • Kare Buddy: Provides a person who will accompany the patient for hospital visits, dialysis, chemo, or also stay in the hospital with them. 

  • Elder Aid Care Friend: (someone who will go visit the elderly person, play games with them, talk to them etc.)

Holistic Elder Care
  • Elder Aid: 
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